As a little farm girl who made “pottery” out of mud pies and anxiously waited for art class every single day, I always had the ambition to create something out of nothing. I always saw things differently than what my three sisters did and I knew at an early age that art would be my future. What I didn’t know then is how passionate art would make me, how much freedom art can give someone, and ultimately, how expressive and personal art becomes.

My passion moved from crayons, markers, and mudpies as a kid to drawing and painting in high school. In college I found my own voice as an artist: graphic design. I quickly grew to love the beauty of the design process and everything involved: beautiful papers, interesting textures, captivating colors, and stylized lettering and calligraphy.

As a graphic designer in the Eau Claire, WI area, I have a passion for anything and everything design! From custom wedding stationery to small business branding, I love a variety of design which allows me to flex my creative muscles. Whatever it is that you are looking for, I want everything I create to be personal, lovely, and only meant for you = Mint for Hue!


A few things that make me, ME; chai lattes, messy hair, theater popcorn, running, Tom Petty, ‘ugly’ colors, breakfast for dinner, summertime, vintage furniture, blueberries, campfires, board games, & all things mustard yellow!

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