Every package that I create is totally custom. From unique wedding stationery to small business branding, you will have a custom design that is made just for you. Whatever your style, whatever your goal, I’m Mint for Hue.




Behind every great couple is their love story. From the romantic way you met, or the not-so-romantic pick-up lines, to the commonalities that you share (and don’t share), ever single couple is unique in their own way. I want to know all about your relationship, your love story, and what makes you two perfect for one another. I’m here to help tell your love story by putting all of those pieces together into your wedding stationery. I want to make your day personal, intimate, and perfectly you. Let me take the stress of invitations, programs, and menus, oh my! off your hands because we both know the additional stress of homemade stationery (that looks…homemade) just isn’t worth it.


This step will give us both a chance to get to know one another and make sure we are a good fit. At the end of the consult, you will have a chance to reserve a spot in my calendar.


You say, ” Let’s Book!” I then will create a full project outline in an invoice form and send it your way along with a copy of the agreement that must be signed by both of us.


A questionnaire will be emailed to you to fill out so I can get all of the important meets about the big day {hopefully} making this part of wedding planning as pain-free as possible.


Once I receive your questionnaire, I will get started on your custom design package. You will receive digital proofs of your stationery in 2-4 weeks.


Once these digital proofs are approved via email, you will receive on physical proof that is mailed to you before we pull the trigger on printing the entire collection.


Once the physical proof is approved, you will receive a final invoice. Payment will need to be paid in full before your complete suite is printed + mailed to your doorstep.




Whether you are wanting to give some new life to your brand or you are starting fresh with a new business venture, building a strong brand identity that conveys your products or services in a unique, intentional way is an essential part of any successful business. Let me help you develop a unique and eye-catching identity that highlights your personality, reflects who you are connecting you, your products, and your services with your customers. I am with you every step of the way and in the end, I want to help you improve the journey and the success of your passion – your business.


Let’s get together and get to know one another first to make sure we are a good fit for one another. I will ask you general questions about your business, your hopes + dreams, and your goals. And in return, you can ask me any questions you may have as well. We will go over the complete branding process and at the end of the consult, you will have a chance to reserve a spot in my calendar.


You say, ” Let’s Book!” I then will create a full project outline in an invoice form and send it along your way. I will also send along a copy of the contact agreement that must be signed by both of us. I will ask you to then approve the outline + invoice form by making the nonrefundable deposit stated in the outline.


After receiving your deposit, a detailed questionnaire will be sent to you so I can get all of the important deets about your business. This questionnaire tends to be a bit intimidating, but the more time and thought put into these questions, the better vision we will have of your brand.


Based on your completed Pinterest board and completed questionnaire, I will create a custom moodboard encompassing the overall tone of your new brand identity. This step is vital to ensure that we are still continuing on the same page with the items on your Pinterest board and your completed questionnaire.


Once the moodboard has been approved, I will then begin working on your brand logo. Depending on the specific branding package you choose in Step 2, you can expect 3-5 unique logo designs in a side-by-side digital format. You will have the opportunity to review, tweak, edit, and combine these logo concepts based on the the amount of revisions included in your package.


Once you are ecstatic about your new logo, we both will do our happy dance! After your final payment is received, I will pull together some final details such as your brand’s color palette, any logo variations, patterns, social icons, and fonts into a full branding guide. I will then send you all of the appropriate files needed to make your branding complete!




With over 5 years of experience in the corporate job world and freelance design, I am confident I can help you with your design needs. Whether you are interested in custom wall prints or party invitations, business cards and letterheads, print advertisements or brochures, social medial and web graphics, I love hearing what you’ve been dreaming up. I welcome you to send me and email so we can discuss the specifics!

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