Decorate Your Desktop | April 2016 Wallpaper

This FREE Decorate your Desktop Wallpaper for April is very fitting for today and the crummy weather we’ve been having the past few days. I made it a bit more illustrative, a bit more whimsy than my typical hand-lettering wallpapers incorporating a fluffy rain cloud and some raindrops.

I’m really hoping April turns around. This weather is such a drain; it’s so hard to be motivated. And being trapped in-doors with a rambunctious 14 month old is a whole other story. Coffees just aren’t doing it anymore and if I can get a run in with the babe every afternoon, that usually works as a pick-me-up (and makes falling asleep at night easier). So please, Mother Nature, do us all a favor…warm up! 🙂

Get your FREE downloads below; I’m totally already looking forward to the “May Flowers” desktop 😉


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