Decorate Your Desktop | February 2016 Wallpaper

I spent the last week trying to come up with some quote, song lyric, or poetic verse that would fit February’s Decorate your Desktop without it being in your face lovey-dovey, make you want to vomit, sorta thing. I failed. It made my brain hurt and I just wasn’t feeling a love quote.

I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day; I’m a firm believer that you should shower your significant with love and appreciation every day. Leaving little love notes throughout the house takes no time at all, packing some unexpected sweets in the husband’s suitcase while he’s heading out of town is a great surprise….I mean, who wouldn’t love that!, and getting home to a dinner on the table is so unbelievably thoughtful—I love not having to think!

Anyways, enough of my own thoughts. This month’s desktop background features a hand-lettered ‘February’ overlay by yours truly, with Shay Cochrane’s beautiful bouquet of red tulips spilling through the background. Not only are those flowers absolutely breathtaking, but that marble background deserves a million heart-eyed emoticons 😀

Jump on down to download your FREE hand-lettered desktop wallpaper, available not only for your computer background, but also for your mobile phone and table or iPad! DYDFebruary16

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