Decorate Your Desktop | December 2016 Wallpaper

I feel like I keep saying this, but how has another month just completely flown by??! It is already December, and in just a few weeks, we will be celebrating Christmas and an exciting New Year.

Life has been beyond crazy over here with a newborn and a rambunctious (almost) 2 year old. Emerson is so great with baby sister Everly, always checking in on her, sharing his blanket, and asking where she is the minute he wakes up every morning. I shouldn’t wish away these days, but I cannot wait until she is old enough and begins to interact with him. He already adores her and my hurt could literally burst just thinking about them growing up together.

Okay, let’s get back on track! I created this FREE Christmas Wallpaper download to add a little holiday cheer to your tech devices. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue free wallpapers each month and I’ve come to realization that I just don’t have time for them, and all the work I put into creating them, to keep them going monthly. I may offer more generic wallpapers each season, or switch it up with some giveaways, when (and if!) I have the time. Maybe life with two littles will get easier come spring and I can bring back the monthly wallpapers, but at this point, the Decorate Your Desktop wallpapers will be put on hiatus.

With that being said, scroll on down and get your last FREE wallpaper background for the year. And have a great month spreading cheer!!!

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