Decorate Your Desktop | February 2019 Free Wallpaper Background

Let me start off by saying thank goodness January is OVERRRRR!

We started the new year off B-U-S-Y moving into our new house right away, followed by Emerson’s 4th Birthday which literally lasted all week, when it falls on a Monday, in charge of snack at school one day, playgroup snack the next, and a little family birthday lunch the next weekend. Too many cupcakes to count! A week after that, the whole house got hit with the flu hard. Started with little Everly on a Thursday + Friday. Emerson had it next for a few days and it finished off with the big people. (I mean, I was bound to get it after being puked on 4 different times, completely covered in vomit.) The minute we were on the upswing, the Polar Vortex hit, keeping us trapped inside for two more days. Literally the last week of January felt like an entire year. And being a goer like I am, going insane was an absolute understatement.

Let’s hope February is a much better month! With the heat wave this weekend, it already is 🙂 For this month’s Free Decorate Your Desktop wallpaper, without getting too  “theme-y” this month because shhhh! I can’t stand Valentine’s Day, I opted to create two different wallpapers since I got them to you all late. The first featuring a quote about comparison and the second, a bit more lovey. Hey, I had to!

February Valentine’s Day Wallpaper Background

Sun + Moon Desktop Wallpaper | Sun + Moon iPad/Tablet Wallpaper | Sun + Moon Mobile Wallpaper


Desktop Wallpaper Freebie for Valentine’s Day

Wonderful Desktop Wallpaper | Wonderful iPad/Tablet Wallpaper | Wonderful Mobile Wallpaper


If these two particular wallpapers don’t do it for you, take a look at last years February Moody Floral Wallpaper background. I also have this pink tulip February wallpaper background and striped “do all things with love” wallpaper download.

As always, sharing is caring! Be sure to send this page to all your friends, co-workers, or family members who you think would enjoy these <3

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