Decorate Your Desktop | July 2015

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Summer is typically jam-packed with a million obligations. Weekends fill up fast with weddings to attend, lawns to take care of, hauling kiddos to summer school, and making time for family get-togethers at the beach. Summer is always my busiest time of year. It’s crunch time for wedding stationery, finalizing Fall invitation collections and knocking out day-of wedding stationery, like menus, programs, table number, and escort cards.

Although summer is by far my most chaotic time of year, it’s my most favorite season for unwinding, too. (I must be pretty obsessed with summer because I just wrote about it here, too!) Summer is all about pulling out the grill, lounging on the deck, heading to the beach, and taking in as much sunshine as possible. It’s about the farmer’s market, cold adult beverages, sunset walks, state fairs, and picking berries.DYDJuly2015

I’m obsessed with the berry family. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. The only thing bad about them is that I feel I’m at the store every other day getting more! Since these little guys have become a part of my daily morning yogurt routine, they’ve inspired me for this month’s FREE desktop wallpaper background.

Go ahead and get your downloads below; then head out to the store & pick up some delicious berries. Next month, corn on the cob, perhaps?! Mmmmmm 😉

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