Decorate Your Desktop | July 2016 Wallpaper

There really is no rhyme or reason behind this month’s Free Decorate Your Desktop wallpaper design. I wanted to create something a bit prettier, and a bit more intricate when it came to my hand-lettering style.

I found this gorgeous stock photo on Unsplash, a fabulous free high-res stock photo website. There are so many stunningly beautiful photos and it’s always so hard to pick a favorite. I try to pick one that is the most fitting for the month or season. I incorporated a beautiful phrase from an Ed Sheeran song that suits the photograph perfectly.

I’m hoping once the craziness of wedding season settles down late this summer that I’ll start blogging more frequently. To say that I’ve been slacking is a huge understatement. But when you have clients and a babe at the top of your priority list, something has to take a hit. A person just can’t do everything!

As always, scroll below to get your FREE tech wallpapers! Happy July!


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