Decorate your Desktop | March 2018

Another month has passed, which means another Decorate your Desktop wallpaper background is here. I couldn’t be happier that February is OVER. Like I said in the last Decorate your Desktop post, February always drags even though it’s the shortest month.

Pretty much all of February we spent sick. My husband was sick for the first half of February, and when he’s sick, I swear we all feel it 😉 Then right before Valentine’s Day, my little guy complained for a week that his tummy hurt. Just as that subsided, we got hit hard with the flu bug. It started with Everly; she woke up on a Sunday extremely hot and miserable. She wouldn’t eat, barely drank anything, and would fall asleep in our arms in the broad daylight. That in itself is not my daughter! It lasted about a day and a half, and her fever broke followed by a raspy cough & tons of snot. A snotty 1 year old is no fun, always dripping everywhere & a complete bear to wipe it clean. Not even 2 days after her fever broke, Emerson woke up from a cat nap in the car and was extremely hot. I thought maybe it was because he was in the car in his fleece & winter hat, and just got a little stuffy. That night was awful. He was up whining every few hours. Finally at 11:30pm, I crawled into bed with him. He would fall asleep then 2 minutes later he would start talking crazy talk…like saying Everly took his blanket, his farmer is lost in his bed. Just plain ol’ crazy. That went on for the next 4 hours. I gave him some Motrin and he finally fell asleep at 3:30am. Then Miss Everly wakes at 5:15am.


Emerson was miserable the entire next day. Obviously tired and didn’t move from the couch. Finally by dinner time, he was feeling a bit better and actually nibbling on crackers. Worried we had another long night ahead, we put the kiddos to bed early & they both slept through the night. Thank goodness! (When you have kiddos that sleep well, and all of a sudden they’re up at night, it hits hard. Totally not used to that, and makes me not miss the newborn stage at all!)

With that, March can only be better. A week away from Daylight Savings, more sunshine & it has got to warm up soon, right? We are so stir-crazy from being trapped inside with sicknesses and cold weather, we all are going a bit nuts.

I guess this turned  into more of a little life update, and I probably bored you to death. I guess that’s what happens when I have little to no adult interaction and literally feel like I’m on house arrest with two kiddos. I’ll stop blabbering and let you get to the good stuff below.

I hope you are enjoying the Decorate your Desktop series. And seriously, if you have ANY quote recommendations, color palettes, or imagery you want me to use, comment below! For some reason my wallpapers usually end up with flowers. (I’m obviously dying for Spring to get here.) Here’s to a better, warmer month. Let’s make each day count!

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