Decorate your Desktop: May 2015

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Lately I’ve been struggling with balance. I think that’s a topic you’ll hear me talk a lot about, now more than ever. Trying to find a balance between taking care of the little full-time, juggling several client orders at a time, endless emails to respond to, additional design projects going on behind-the-scenes, trying to tone up this post-baby body, and having a house that is somewhat put together so my head doesn’t explode…laundry, dishes, dusting, organizing, updating. It doesn’t end. And I’ll never be caught up.


I try and remind myself that I can do more than what I think I can. That instead of getting overwhelmed by my to-do list, to focus on the things that I did accomplish in a day. Just when I want to pull the covers over my head and ignore the world for a day, that’s the day I need to push extra hard & go the extra mile. Because it’s those days, the one’s that have me feeling extremely anxious and overwhelmed, are usually the same days where the magic happens. And with that, I created this desktop wallpaper to remind myself, to just keep swimming, as my Dory friend would say.

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