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Just when I didn’t think winter could get any longer, it did. Halfway into April and we were still getting snow, 12” on the 14th of April was so depressing. Even at the end of January, I was so over winter…being cooped up with two toddlers is no joke, but I kept trying to be positive. “If we can make it to March, things will be okay!” Then March came and we didn’t have a ton of snow, but it was so windy making it SO.COLD! And now with April, thinking we’d be in the 50s most days, I thought we made it through. (Yup, I was that desperate that in February I looked at the weather almanac for last March, April, and May, just so I could see the light—the warmth!—that was upon us.)

Just this past week it has finally felt like Spring and all of us Wisconsinites are welcoming it with open arms. It was kind of funny to see how many people were out and about last weekend, riding bikes, walking dogs, pushing strollers & swings. It’s like the saying goes…”what good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” This long winter will surely make us all extremely grateful for these warm, spring days and make us all get out every single day we can.

Cheersing to a warmer & sunnier month of May! Scroll down to get your free downloads!

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