Decorate your Desktop | September 2018

And somehow, summer has come to an end and September is here. I always welcome the cooler temperatures by the end of summer, but knowing what comes after Fall is what’s hard to accept.

With the transition into a new season, we also have a lot of transitions happening at home. First, we are sending off our little Emerson to 3k. A big decision we didn’t take lightly. I really do try to savor every second of his littleness, but we both know with his shyness putting him into part-time 3k for just a few hours a week will really help him socially. I see it as being more work for me, and our babysitter, dropping him off, with Everly in tow, and picking him up just a few hours later. It will seem like a lot of running, but it’ll just be something we will need to adjust to. We’ve been incredibly blessed to have slow mornings for the past three years, not having to rush the kiddos off to daycare or be really anywhere in the morning.

Another big transition (and a huge secret we’ve been keeping) is that we are in the process of building a new house, and will be listing our first home very soon. I don’t think it has quite set in, leaving this house that we have made so many memories in. Every surface and room in the entire house, and on the outside, too, has been redone and fixed up to make our own. And while we are SO.OVER the endless flip projects and never having enough time for the projects with two littles, it’ll be hard leaving this little corner of the street where we always have the company of our neighbors, within two blocks of three different playgrounds, and a quick walk to the store. I think the kiddos will be just fine adjusting, it’s me who is going to have a tough time. I’ve always felt isolated as a stay-at-home mom, giving up a social life to talk about trucks, bugs, and poop for 13 hours a day, and moving out to the country will only feel more isolating.

Crazy how things change. And realizing how much I hate change. As much as I can try and push back, it’s not going to work that way. I’m just going to have to accept these big life transitions with open arms. Learn to adapt and change, and plan better 🙂

Since I’m not quite ready to let go of summer just yet, I’ve created a Decorate your Desktop wallpaper that’s a slooooow transition into fall. Scroll below to get the links to your free downloads. If you are totally over summer and want all the fall colors for your free background, check out this Autum Wallpaper I designed a few years ago along with this Pumpkin Spice Inspired Wallpaper.

Free Wallpaper Backgrounds September

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