Decorate Your Desktop | September 2019 Wallpaper Background

I’m almost crying typing this right now, because hoooooow can it possibly be September?! It absolutely kills me to let go of summer, especially since August seemed to be “cooler” month this summer. I could R E A L L Y go for just O N E more beach day!

This month’s free Decorate your Desktop is inspired by embracing change, something I’ve NEVER been good with. I like to be comfortable, have a schedule, predictable, structure. But maybe if I could learn to let go a little bit, I wouldn’t be such a stress monster…haha.

Get your free handlettered desktop wallpapersssss below.

YES! I’ve designed TWO for this month. Same quote, different background if you’re not into the whole “vintage” look. I also included a few oldies but always goodies 🙂 Pssssst…..did you know that you can easily print these wallpapers out and gift them as prints or cards??! 😉

Vintage Desktop Wallpaper | Vintage iPad/Tablet Wallpaper | Vintage Mobile Wallpaper

But wait! There’s another below (and some oldies)!

Modern Desktop Wallpaper | Modern iPad/Tablet Wallpaper | Modern Mobile Wallpaper

If these new wallpaper backgrounds don’t do it for you, you can check out my past May designs:

As always, sharing is caring! Be sure to send this page to all your friends, co-workers, or family members who you think would enjoy these <3

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