Decorate Your Desktop: December 2014

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December’s Decorate your Desktop is all about simplicity, once again.

Featuring an oh-so-lovely photo from Shay Cochrane’s SC Stockshop mailing list, I decided to keep this month’s wallpaper light + fresh. Often people feel a bit overwhelmed around the holidays: people to shop for, errands to run, food to make, a house to clean. I’m hoping this wallpaper is a lovely little reminder to relax!

 As we’re nearing towards the happiest time of the year–Christmas (and the birth of our babe!!!)–I am starting to really simplify life. From organizing and decluttering every corner in our house, to a “less is more” attitude in regards to gift-giving, and even a quality over quantity state of mind when it comes to blog posts, I’m learning to relax and enjoy the now. And I hope that this light + airy wallpaper reminds myself of that.

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