Decorate Your Desktop: February 2015

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 I’ll let you in on a little secret…I totally boycott Valentine’s Day.


Because I strongly feel that you should express your love, thoughts, and affection for your loved ones of the year. Whether that means scraping off all of that snow piled up on his or her car during those cold winter months, leaving little love notes scattered around the house, or simply holding onto that hug for an extra 10 seconds in the morning, showing how much you love and appreciate someone every single day only takes a few seconds, can completely change your relationship, and totally make your spouse’s day.

 With that, this month’s Decorate Your Desktop features the simple quote “Do All Things With Love” across a luscious coral pink watercolor background. Go ahead and download this wallpaper for your phone, tablet or Ipad, and even your mobile device to remind yourself to do ALL THINGS with love. Every single day. Not just on February 14th.

 As always, get your FREE downloads here:

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