Eucalyptus and Vellum Birthday Party Invitations | Featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper

Weeks after Everly’s first birthday, I submitted her first birthday invitation to Oh So Beautiful Paper, a leading lifestyle and design blog whose readers value beauty and fantastic design, in high hopes to it getting published. It always has been a goal of mine, but has always seemed so far fetched. After all, their blog reaches an audience of more than 100,000 unique monthly viewers and is a daily read for creative people around the world. Their blog highlights insanely talented creatives that I admire in a million ways, all the “big leaguers” that have thousands of followers on Instagram, and something I never thought was attainable for little ol’ me.

So it’s completely MIND-BLOWING to share with you all that my girl’s first birthday invitation has been FEATURED on Oh So Beautiful Paper a few weeks back and I’m BEYOND GIDDY to share it with you all!!! Read all about it & see more pictures of sweet Everly’s first birthday invitation here at Oh So Beautiful Paper. Eeeeeeek, somebody pinch me! What a way to end 2017! <3