My Birth Story | Emerson Stanley

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This little guy came into the world on Wednesday, January 14th, at 4:05pm and completely rocked our world. Literally.

Instead of going into a long, extensive story, much like my labor, I will try and summarize Emerson’s birth story. After 21 hours of labor, I pulled my first ever all-nighter. (Hahaha…how lame was I in college??!) We checked in at 9:30pm on a Tuesday night and he wasn’t born until 4:05pm the next day. Little Baby Emerson was posterior and I was having excruciating back labor. His heart rate dropped significantly with every contraction I had. The nurses would flip me from side to side every half hour to see if he would turn himself around. It was absolutely heart-wrenching to lay on my side, facing the monitors, and watch his little heart rate drop suddenly with every contraction I had. The nurses would come check on me every 20 minutes which only made my anxiety worsen. They tried giving me oxygen to increase his heart rate; that didn’t work. They gave me a Pepsi and a popsicle hoping the sugar would boost his heart rate. That didn’t work either. After 15 hours with all of these different attempts to progress labor, I was only dilated to 3cm. I was spent. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. I just wanted him safe and the minutes were crawling by. Around 2pm, my doctor came in and broke my water. Again, there was no progression. They gave me Pitocin; nothing happened. I was stuck at 4cm after 21 hours and wasn’t progressing fast enough. His heart rate kept dropping. My doctor didn’t want to risk extending the labor any longer, with Emerson being in distress. At 3:45pm, they prepped me for a c-section and little Baby Emerson was born at 4:05pm. When they showed me his sweet little face over the sheet, I immediately lost it. I’m pretty sure I was crying harder than he was.


In an instant, our lives changed completely and I would have done every single second all over again. You hear of all these mothers say how this love is indescribable. And it’s like nothing you have ever felt before. And it’s 100% true. You can’t really prepare yourself for how much emotion fills your heart and soul. There are no words to describe the amount of love you have for someone you barely even know. I immediately loved him with every breath in my body, with every ounce of my being.


Fast forward 4 months later, and it just keeps getting better. My heart explodes every time I see him. I can’t help but melt when he looks up at me and smiles while he’s nursing. And when he wraps his arm around my neck and falls asleep on my shoulder, I just want to squish him into me. I’m completely obsessed with him. From his chubby thighs, dimpled knuckles, and sweet baby breath, to the most perfect comb-over hair colic…ughhh…I’m a puddle.

At 4 months old, this little guy is stubborn like Daddy. Cuter than I ever imagined. Has thee best facial expressions. And he’s loved more than I ever thought was possible.

 Newborn Pictures | Kate Bentley Photography