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Decorate your Desktop | July 2018

Another month, another free desktop wallpaper background at your fingertips.

This Desktop Wallpaper series always ends up being a little life update, so if you’re not into that sorta thing, just scroll below to grab your free wallpapers 🙂

June was the craziest month for us. We started the month out right away with an extended family vacation up north on Lake Holcombe, Wisconsin for 9 days. We really couldn’t have had better weather, and the cabin was absolutely perfect—right on the water, with a private beach, and plenty of rooms for my family, my mom, my sisters and their kids & husbands. We spent every single minute soaking up the sun, playing on the beach, wakeboarding and surfing, and hitting up playgrounds and ice cream shops when we needed a little water break. The babes did surprisingly well, considering our 3 year old always sleeps in his own bed and while at the cabin, he was on a blow-up mattress on our bedroom floor. It was a perfect getaway, close enough to home but far enough away.

Once we got back, we had a week to recover, unpack, laundry (for dayssss), catch up on work, get a few workouts in, only to pack our bags again for a trip to Whistler, Canada. Just me and the husband this time…no kiddos 🙂 Brent earned this trip through work, and we debated for a few months whether or not we would go, since we knew it was going to butt up to the family cabin trip. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that we would probably never have this chance again so we took it.

Our usual vacation trips are always somewhere in Mexico. You can’t go wrong with cheap airfare, the beach and water, and all-inclusive drinks 🙂 We knew going into the Canada trip that it would be much different. It was incredible, completely insane. From true whitewater rafting, to my first gondola ride up to Whistler Mountain, the views were spectacular. We literally felt like we were on top of the world. It was really an indescribable feeling. We took a fun “nature walk” that turned into getting lost for three hours. We ended up calling a cab and heading to a bar, followed with three much deserved cases of Corona. We took razors up through the mountains for 2 hours. And of course, there was lounging by the pool, dips in the hot tub, lots of adult beverages, fantastic food, and great conversation. We even got a few workouts in, too.

It was the month of high highs and then a gut-wrenching low. I don’t want to get into details, since there are still so many unanswered questions, but just know that my sister, her baby, and our family really need some major prayers right now.

I’m hoping July will bring hope and understanding, and be a month of getting back to the grind. Focusing on work, house projects, working out, and productive weekends at home. That all sounds pretty damn amazing to me…there’s nothing I like better than schedule and routine, let’s not forget health and happiness, too.

Now onto your Free July Wallpapers. This design is bolder and edgier than my usual designs, like May’s floral wreath wallpaper and June’s abstract acrylic wallpaper. But I sorta dig it. I hope you do, too. Scroll below to get the links to your free downloads.

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Decorate your Desktop | June 2018

Another month has passed, another Decorate your Desktop Wallpaper Series is at your fingertips.

The month of May passed by in a blink of an eye over here, and we all welcomed the hot temperatures with open arms. We live for sun, the heat, the water, and the beach and Memorial Weekend honestly couldn’t have been better. Here’s hoping June will be just as warm and bring just as many sunny beach day memories.

This month’s Decorate your Desktop wallpaper is a little reminder of self-love. We always treat everyone around us with so much more kindness and grace than how we treat ourselves. Here’s to being okay with where we are at in life; don’t get me wrong, always striving to be better but being at peace with our present.

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Decorate your Desktop | May 2018

Just when I didn’t think winter could get any longer, it did. Halfway into April and we were still getting snow, 12” on the 14th of April was so depressing. Even at the end of January, I was so over winter…being cooped up with two toddlers is no joke, but I kept trying to be positive. “If we can make it to March, things will be okay!” Then March came and we didn’t have a ton of snow, but it was so windy making it SO.COLD! And now with April, thinking we’d be in the 50s most days, I thought we made it through. (Yup, I was that desperate that in February I looked at the weather almanac for last March, April, and May, just so I could see the light—the warmth!—that was upon us.)

Just this past week it has finally felt like Spring and all of us Wisconsinites are welcoming it with open arms. It was kind of funny to see how many people were out and about last weekend, riding bikes, walking dogs, pushing strollers & swings. It’s like the saying goes…”what good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” This long winter will surely make us all extremely grateful for these warm, spring days and make us all get out every single day we can.

Cheersing to a warmer & sunnier month of May! Scroll down to get your free downloads!

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Decorate your Desktop | April 2018

Another month has come and gone. March completely flew by and I’m welcoming any warmer temps with open arms. Although we started April with some rain and drizzle, I’m just glad it isn’t snow.

For this month’s Decorate your Desktop, I found this quote that I absolutely love. Not only is it a tribute to the rainy month of April, but it’s also another beautiful quote striving for a kinder world. It’s a good reminder to think before we speak. There is nothing wrong with being opininated and standing up for what you believe in, but you can choose to do so in a mature and eloquent manner.

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Decorate your Desktop | March 2018

Another month has passed, which means another Decorate your Desktop wallpaper background is here. I couldn’t be happier that February is OVER. Like I said in the last Decorate your Desktop post, February always drags even though it’s the shortest month.

Pretty much all of February we spent sick. My husband was sick for the first half of February, and when he’s sick, I swear we all feel it 😉 Then right before Valentine’s Day, my little guy complained for a week that his tummy hurt. Just as that subsided, we got hit hard with the flu bug. It started with Everly; she woke up on a Sunday extremely hot and miserable. She wouldn’t eat, barely drank anything, and would fall asleep in our arms in the broad daylight. That in itself is not my daughter! It lasted about a day and a half, and her fever broke followed by a raspy cough & tons of snot. A snotty 1 year old is no fun, always dripping everywhere & a complete bear to wipe it clean. Not even 2 days after her fever broke, Emerson woke up from a cat nap in the car and was extremely hot. I thought maybe it was because he was in the car in his fleece & winter hat, and just got a little stuffy. That night was awful. He was up whining every few hours. Finally at 11:30pm, I crawled into bed with him. He would fall asleep then 2 minutes later he would start talking crazy talk…like saying Everly took his blanket, his farmer is lost in his bed. Just plain ol’ crazy. That went on for the next 4 hours. I gave him some Motrin and he finally fell asleep at 3:30am. Then Miss Everly wakes at 5:15am.


Emerson was miserable the entire next day. Obviously tired and didn’t move from the couch. Finally by dinner time, he was feeling a bit better and actually nibbling on crackers. Worried we had another long night ahead, we put the kiddos to bed early & they both slept through the night. Thank goodness! (When you have kiddos that sleep well, and all of a sudden they’re up at night, it hits hard. Totally not used to that, and makes me not miss the newborn stage at all!)

With that, March can only be better. A week away from Daylight Savings, more sunshine & it has got to warm up soon, right? We are so stir-crazy from being trapped inside with sicknesses and cold weather, we all are going a bit nuts.

I guess this turned  into more of a little life update, and I probably bored you to death. I guess that’s what happens when I have little to no adult interaction and literally feel like I’m on house arrest with two kiddos. I’ll stop blabbering and let you get to the good stuff below.

I hope you are enjoying the Decorate your Desktop series. And seriously, if you have ANY quote recommendations, color palettes, or imagery you want me to use, comment below! For some reason my wallpapers usually end up with flowers. (I’m obviously dying for Spring to get here.) Here’s to a better, warmer month. Let’s make each day count!

Scroll below to get your wallpapers in three different sizes 🙂

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Decorate your Desktop | February 2018

And somehow it’s February and another Decorate your Desktop is at your fingertips! Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t complaining one bit that winter seems to be flying by. BUT, February to me always feels like the longest month even though it’s the shortest. January flies by with the holidays still underway, trying to get back on schedule & into a routine, and with our kiddo’s birthday smack dab in the middle, the first few weeks of January are a blur. In March, we usually get a few warmer days where we can get outside quite a bit more, making February cold, long, and brutal.

With that being said, for this month’s Decorate your Desktop wallpaper background, I chose to go with a moody floral background to hint at the year’s longest month 😉 but also a salute to Valentine’s Day. I ain’t one for Valentine’s Day, either, but it’s hard to ignore the “holiday.” Scroll to the bottom of this post to get your free downloads.

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Decorate your Desktop | January 2018

Back by popular demand, the Decorate your Desktop series is back for 2018! I have had so many people reach out to me over the past several months asking about the Decorate your Desktop wallpaper background series. At the end of last year, I created a poll on Facebook to see if people were still interested in these free wallpapers. After not much interest, (maybe it’s because of Facebook’s algorithms and nobody really saw the poll itself), I decided to save my time & energy. These backgrounds are quite a bit of work, not only coming up with unique, pretty designs themselves, but then to also save them out as three separate formats for the different devices. I didn’t really think people were using them, until I stopped creating them. That’s when I received so many inquiries about the free backgrounds, seeing activity and downloads on past wallpapers, and even private messages wanting to know if I was going to ever create more.

So now that the series is back, let me know what you want to see! Do you like motivational quotes, pretty backgrounds without sayings, maybe even seeing the actual monthly calendar? Please let me know! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for the links to the Downloadable Wallpapers. Enjoy!

Wallpaper Backgrounds

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Decorate Your Desktop | December 2016 Wallpaper

I feel like I keep saying this, but how has another month just completely flown by??! It is already December, and in just a few weeks, we will be celebrating Christmas and an exciting New Year.

Life has been beyond crazy over here with a newborn and a rambunctious (almost) 2 year old. Emerson is so great with baby sister Everly, always checking in on her, sharing his blanket, and asking where she is the minute he wakes up every morning. I shouldn’t wish away these days, but I cannot wait until she is old enough and begins to interact with him. He already adores her and my hurt could literally burst just thinking about them growing up together.

Okay, let’s get back on track! I created this FREE Christmas Wallpaper download to add a little holiday cheer to your tech devices. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue free wallpapers each month and I’ve come to realization that I just don’t have time for them, and all the work I put into creating them, to keep them going monthly. I may offer more generic wallpapers each season, or switch it up with some giveaways, when (and if!) I have the time. Maybe life with two littles will get easier come spring and I can bring back the monthly wallpapers, but at this point, the Decorate Your Desktop wallpapers will be put on hiatus.

With that being said, scroll on down and get your last FREE wallpaper background for the year. And have a great month spreading cheer!!!

dyddecember16Desktop | iPad/Tablet | Mobile



Decorate Your Desktop | November 2016 Wallpaper

As this time of year approaches, every single one of us are counting our blessings and being so thankful for everything we have in our lives. I know for me I am extremely blessed with a super caring and loving husband, the sweetest (and most stubborn) kiddo, a baby girl on the way, and truly the best family and friends a girl could ask for.

In keeping with this holiday theme, I created November’s Wallpaper Desktop with the words “there are so many things to be grateful for.” Because it’s true. I’m grateful for the cozy warm bed I’m sitting in right now typing this. I’m thankful for the warm cup of Chai Latte waiting for me in the morning. I’m ever-so grateful to have a slow-paced morning with my babe every morning. Don’t get me wrong, life is hard and some days (some weeks), I’m ready to throw in the towel. But really there are so so many things to be grateful for.

Get this free desktop wallpaper, hand-lettered by yours truly, below.

PS. I still haven’t decided on what to “Freebie” to offer for 2017 in place of these Decorate your Desktop Wallpapers. To be honest, there wasn’t the response I was hoping for when I suggested something new on October’s Decorate Your Desktop. I only received a few suggestions and if only a few people are taking advantage of these freebies, I don’t feel like it is worth allllll the time I put into them. We’ll see how the next 2 months of 2 kiddos under 2 go 🙂

Decorate Your Desktop Wallpaper, November 2016

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Decorate Your Desktop | October 2016 Wallpaper

We are a few days away from October and this weather is proving it to be true. Brrrr! It is definitely time to bring out the fall scarves, jackets, and boots!

As I mentioned in my Facebook post, I am thinking about switching things up for 2017 and possibly offering something new, in place of the Decorate your Desktops. With another little babe on the way, I want to make sure that my time is spent wisely. That being said, if people simply aren’t downloading and swapping out their desktop/mobile backgrounds, I don’t feel like it’s worth my time to continue doing them.

I have a few other options in mind that I thought maybe people may find more useful and inspiring. The first are Monthly Wall Prints. I’m thinking 5×7 and 8×10 hand-lettered wall prints with an inspirational quote or seasonal phrase of some type. For these wall prints, I would charge a small fee ($3-$5) to download + purchase through my Etsy shop. Once the small purchase is made, you then will be emailed a link to download the print and use to decorate your home, office, or give as a gift.

The second option would be a Monthly Greeting Card. These would lean more generic such as a “Just Because” card making it easy to give + use no matter your current situation. My thoughts behind a simple greeting card is that there is just so much hate and sadness in the world today, if I could somehow spread even a little bit of love and kindness, I want to. No matter how small it may seem. This option would be as easy as downloading, printing, and cutting the card…perfect little lunch-time break! Something so simple could really change a friend’s, neighbor’s, spouse’s, co-worker’s day around 🙂

The last option is to simply continue on with the Decorate Your Desktops. These would run exactly as they have, offering three wallpaper options for your desktop, mobile device, and/or iPad/Tablet.

Again, I want this to be beneficial for the both of us. I spend quite a bit of time each month on these free wallpapers (coming up with a phrase, dozens of lettering + design revisions, uploading the design, plugging them into the different sizing formats, creating several social media graphics, uploading them to my website, etc.) and if people aren’t using them, I can easily allocate all this time differently. I am more than willing to give out other “freebies,” but if those won’t be taken advantage of either, I would love to spend more time on other Mint for Hue projects or with my babies 🙂 So let me know–head to my Facebook page, comment on this post, and let me know what YOU want!

As always, this month’s FREE desktop wallpapers are below.

Decorate Your Desktop - October 2016

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