Six Ways to Personalize your Wedding Envelope

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the smallest details when it comes to wedding paper. After all, it’s those details that make your stationery unique and truly personal to you, your fiancé, and your wedding day. Most couples focus on the invitation itself, and the pieces inside, but today I’m going to focus on what’s on the outside: the envelope.

Often envelopes are overlooked when it comes to custom wedding invitations. And I totally get it. Your wedding invitations need to include the very important details your guests have to know, like the actual wedding date and the time of events. But most of my clients don’t stop to think about that first impression when your guests see the actual wedding envelope in the mail. I know when I run out to the mailbox I always flip through the stacks of bills hoping something GOOD is in there. Am I right? So don’t you want your wedding envelopes to make a statement? Make your guests scramble to open the envelope immediately, rather than throw it on the counter with the rest of the mail?

Let’s talk about my favorite ways to personalize your wedding envelopes, and make that first impression one that lasts forever.

1 | Calligraphy

Like I mentioned in my previous post about 2018 wedding stationery trends, calligraphy is such a elegant and heartfelt way to make your envelope stand out in the mail. As you scroll through Instagram, calligraphy is everywhere and all for good reason. There is something so beautiful in something handmade in a world where everything is engineered. Whether it’s a quick imperfect brushstroke or pretty script with flourishes, custom calligraphy on your wedding envelopes is totally worth it.


2 | Stamps

The United States Post Office has definitely upgraded their postage designs over the years, but I often find that the standard postage that is offered still doesn’t quite work well for my custom invitation collections. Maybe the color doesn’t coordinate quite right or the feeling and vibe is off, that’s where vintage stamps—and even custom stamp designs—come into play. There are so many beautiful vintage stamps out there, like you see below, and  if vintage isn’t your thing, I can easily create a custom stamp that coordinates with your collection as well (see right).

(Left image by Christy Janeczko Photography)


3 | Address Design

Another way to spice up your envelope is to add some flair to your guests’ addresses. Mixing a script font with a serif font, playing with font hierarchy, going bold with white ink, and off-setting the address are all ways to keep it fresh. Here, you can see how I off-set “kindly deliver to” in two different ways.


4 | Envelope Liners

This has to be one of my favorite ways to add an unexpected detail that makes a huge statement. The nice thing about envelope liners is that they are usually printed on text weight paper, so it doesn’t add any additional weight (aka postage cost) to the collection. Win-win!

(Left image by Christy Janeczko Photography)


5 | Wax Seals

This hot 2018 trend that I talked about in my last post also works with wedding envelopes. Wax seals are all the rage and all for good reason. They are beautiful, timeless, and there are so many different options, such as color, design, and execution.


6 | Color

Probably the most simple and cost effective way is to simply swap a plain, white envelope for a hint of color. It doesn’t have to be anything bold if you are more of a neutral gal, but even a subtle envelope color, as you see below, in the mix with all those dang bills really goes a long way.

(Image by Christy Janeczko Photography)


There you have it, six great options to personalize your wedding envelopes for your wedding day. I hope this gave you some wedding stationery inspiration and made your brain tick a little. Now which is your favorite? Comment below, I’d love to know!



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