Stoney Hill Branding | Cornell, Wisconsin

Last Spring, Angie from The Barn on Stoney Hill reached out to me regarding new, fresh branding for her wedding venue business, which is a breathtaking wedding barn here in the Chippewa Valley. Angie and I connected on so many levels, and once I saw her stunning barn, I knew that this was a project I wanted to help with.

Once she filled out a branding questionnaire, we started off creating a custom moodboard, pulling colors that Angie adores and what she felt best represented the barn. Her love for rust and turquoise were a must, while a few softer hues and worn textures for a timeless, romantic feel balanced it all out.

The Barn on Stoney Hill Moodboard | Cornell, Wisconsin

Once the Moodboard was approved, which didn’t take long, we moved onto the logo. In the branding questionnaire that Angie filled out, she prided herself on the beautiful flowers and greenery that surrounds the barn. And when I went to visit, it was much more magical than any photograph of the barn that I had ever seen! Take a look yourself. So much care, love, and dedication to the flowers themselves were evident when I pulled up to Stoney Hill. Florals were a must-have when it came to her logo, and all for good reason. The barn itself is spectacular, but the gardens and the views are jaw-dropping.

A few adjectives that Angie used that I really kept in mind when designing these logo variations were vintage, nostalgic, and grand. She iterated that she didn’t really want the typical barn silhouette or a leafy vignette. I knew she really wanted an old-world feel to them, but also wanted something welcoming and timeless.

The Barn on Stoney Hill Logo Variations | Cornell, Wisconsin

Several logo options were presented to Angie, and after a few revisions and seeing the logo every which way, the final logo was chosen. I am so glad that Angie had so much trust in me, and really valued my opinion when it came to the final logo design and colors (see below). Angie is one of those clients that knows what she wants, but still values and trusts the expert to bring her vision to life. This logo is so successful because she was so detailed in the branding questionnaire, patient with revisions, and open to critique and discussions. I applaud and thank Angie for all of that! Seriously, ideal client status! <3 Once the logo was approved, I went on to create the logo variation and the submark, along with the brand colors, patterns, and font recommendations.

The Barn on Stoney Hill Branding Board | Cornell, Wisconsin

I created custom business cards in copper foil (again, IDEAL CLIENT!).  I also designed notecards for Angie; she couldn’t decide between the two designs I presented her, so she ordered them both! Lastly in her package were the social media graphics, including Stoney Hill’s Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts. Go check them out 😉

The Barn on Stoney Hill Notecards | Cornell, Wisconsin

PS. Taking photos of anything metallic/foiled is so hard. So hard. These really don’t do it justice.

Beyond the branding package that Angie chose, she also wanted to update the folder she hands out to her clients, which includes Stoney Hill’s contract and venue/vendor information. Since the previous carbon-copy contract was working but just needed some beautifying, we stuck to the carbon-copy idea but just made it larger, formatted it making it easier to read, and made it match her new branding. I absolutely LOVE when clients think above and beyond to really make their whole brand come full circle & complete.

For the venue & preferred vendor inserts, I recommend updating her inserts to a booklet-style handout, much more inviting and professional. Inside the booklet includes a Welcome Page, Package Pricing, Venue Information & Rules, Preferred Vendors, and Reviews. Every page is filled with content, but also formatted and balanced making it easier to read and navigate. I wanted to make the booklet more than just information overload, so I included large, beautiful photos of Stoney Hill. Within the preferred vendors section, I included photographs from the actual preferred vendors themselves. Clean, beautiful photographs of the vendors’ services really speaks for itself and draws customers in, relating those specific pictures to their services.

Lastly, (I think!), Angie wanted a custom stamp for receipts and paperwork. So in one week, I put together a design and she had a custom stamp at her doorstep.

The Barn on Stoney Hill Booklet & Custom Stamp | Cornell, Wisconsin

I pretty much want to get remarried all over again just so I can receive the beautiful marketing materials that Angie now uses that are all completely branded and on-point. From her business cards and notecards, to her social media accounts, to even the custom carbon-copy contracts & booklets, Angie’s entire booking process of having a wedding or party event at Stoney Hill is now a beautiful representation of the barn and the services, itself, which is EXACTLY what your business branding should be.

It is obvious on so many levels how much passion and dedication Angie Popp has to Stoney Hill and the couples that book with her. This gal lives and breathes weddings and pours her heart into every detail of her barn & business. Angie is one of the sweetest business owners I know, and one of the hardest working ladies I know, too. You will fall in love with her barn, Stoney Hill, but I bet you even more so, you’ll fall in love with her.

Hugs, Angie! Wishing you all the best! <3 <3 <3


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