Wedding Stationery Trends for 2018

As a wedding stationery designer, I absolutely love to see the new wedding themes & trends that pop up each and every year while some past trends tend to stick around & there is nothing wrong with that! If you are a 2018 couple with stationery on your mind and need some direction + inspiration for your wedding invitations this year, take a look at the top 5 trends that are hot this year (and I’m dying to incorporate into my designs)!


1. Calligraphy

Probably my top favorite trend is wedding stationery calligraphy. Whether it’s elegant, flourished calligraphy or quick, brush-scribbled lettering, calligraphy on wedding invitations sets the tone for the entire collection. Typically when calligraphy is used on wedding stationery, the design elements are very minimal letting the beauty of the custom calligraphy truly shine.


2. Dark & Moody

Another trend that I am LOVING are the dark, romantic & moody wedding collections. It’s evident through social media, primarily Instagram, that light & bright has been a huge trend in the past. However, you will notice how the bold, deep & dramatic palettes are coming out. I am loving & craving these deep tones with so much boldness. For example, when I did the rebrand of Mint for Hue, I had to incorporate the luscious emerald green & coal colors into my brand’s palette.

Photo by Christy Janeczko Photography


3. Minimalistic

On the contrary, some wedding stationery collections are starting to step away from all of color & artwork elements, focusing on beautiful typography whether it’s calligraphy, serif fonts, or the mix & play between the two. It’s true how the saying goes, “less is more.” Stepping away from a lot of heavy artwork allows the paper itself to shine, which brings me to the next trend.


4. Embellishments

By backing off on the artwork elements, special embellishments really make a statement. I am obsessed with handmade paper (aaahem, brides…who wants in??!) and the beauty there is the in the soft paper and deckled, torn edges as seen above. There is so much depth & story behind custom handmade paper; so raw & so romantic. Another embellishement that’s huge are wax seals (below); they have been a trend for the last few years and I’m so glad that they aren’t going away anytime soon. A few other items that can really make your invitation stand out are specialty silk ribbons and vintage stamps.


5. Monograms, Crests & Venues

Monograms have been a traditional wedding decor element over the past few years, displaying their beauty on everything from stationery to wedding cakes and embroidered napkins. Couples and stationers alike are loving the concept of taking the traditional monogram a step farther, surrounding the design with regal crests, ornate flourishes, and vintage-inspired wreaths. Another rising trend are custom venue illustrations on your wedding stationery. Incorporating a venue illustration introduces your guests to all of the beauty your wedding location has to offer, and captures the spirit and history of the stunning architecture which truly tells a story in and of itself.

Photo by Christy Janeczko Photography

So tell me, are you incorporating any of the these trends into your 2018 wedding? Which of these top five wedding stationery trends of 2018 are you absolutely loving? And the opposite, are there any paper trends that you’re not digging?…because I want to know! Comment below 🙂



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